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We Are More Boldly and Unapologetically Moving Into Our Future


Dear Friends,

As we come to the end of 2022, we thank you for walking through this transformational year with us. Through your partnership and shared belief in National Crittenton’s work, we can continue to collaboratively foster change towards our #1 goal: to eradicate all forms of oppression.

National Crittenton has entered a new phase of unapologetically seeking justice and joy, and we want to share our impacts with you in support of her/them* that co-leads the work we do.

National Policy Platform: Centering Girls, Young Women, and Gender-Expansive Young Peoplein collaboration with Girls at the Margin National Alliance, to expand conversations, practice and policy to local, state, and national organizations, addressing the needs of youth experiencing systemic marginalization.

In Solidarity Conversations Report, documenting the voices of over 380 girls** on the impact of COVID-19, the resulting economic crisis and social uprisings, curated and developed by the In Solidarity Youth Fellows.




Our new website, grounded in three interconnected focus areas: Policy and System Change, National Organizing, and Collaborative Research.

Reproductive Freedom Fund to ensure that NC staff, direct service agency affiliates, and contractors— across all 25 Crittenton agencies—continue to have access to reproductive care, including safe abortions. The Fund also supports NC’s work to advance collaborative strategies and strengthen networks to enable young people in foster care involved with the legal system and who are detained as unaccompanied minors across the country to access reproductive gender affirming healthcare.


HOSTED New Jersey Justice Collaboratives for Girls** Informational Seminar, connecting New Jersey-based, girl**-focused community leaders with expert girl**-led organizers from across the nation, to support capacity building, receive free training and technical assistance, and network.

**cis and trans girls, young women and gender-expansive young people



Leadership of Voices of Experience (LOVE) Project, a collaboration of formerly incarcerated individuals, criminal justice reform leaders, and victim service providers culminated the development of the LOVE Curriculum for Providers: a resource for victim service providers to build capacity to better support formerly incarcerated women, girls and gender-expansive people.

In the White House Roundtable on Mental Health, to discuss mental health challenges faced by her/them, policy recommendations for strengthening mental health for her/them and reducing barriers to access mental health services.

After 139 years of advocacy, we remain at the forefront of change towards a world she/they* can achieve their potential without fear of violence or injustice. This year, we are asking for every single one of our supporters and donors to donate $20. If just 50% of you made this level of investment, we would raise 7x more than the highest amount we have ever raised for an annual fundraiser. 

* As we navigate these changes together, NC will use “her/them” and “she/they” to emphasize that our shared understanding of gender identity is evolving in resistance to cis- and hetero- patriarchal, white-supremacist norms and systems.

Thank you for joining us towards a more transformative future.


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