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Supporting Survivors of Incarceration and Gender-based Violence: a discussion with authors and contributors to the LOVE Curriculum for Providers

More than 150,000 women are incarcerated in the United States in state, local, and federal facilities, and more than a million additional women are under correctional control on probation or parole. Many women with a history of incarceration are survivors of victimization—86 percent report a history of sexual victimization, 77 percent have experienced intimate partner violence, and 60 percent have experienced caregiver violence.

The Leadership of Voices of Experience (LOVE) Project brought together formerly incarcerated individuals and leaders in criminal justice reform, victim service providers, gender-responsive service providers, and additional advocates focused on supporting survivors of incarceration and gender-based violence. This partnership led to the development of the LOVE Curriculum for Providers, a resource to build the capacity of victim service providers to better support formerly incarcerated cis and trans women and girls, and gender-expansive people (i.e., gender nonconforming, genderqueer, nonbinary people).

View the webinar below to learn more about how to use the LOVE Curriculum for Providers to:
1. Better understand the intersection of gender-based violence and incarceration.
2. Adapt provider policy and practice, including strategies for engaging in provider advocacy to
better support survivors of incarceration and gender-based violence.
3. Create specific supports for survivors of incarceration and gender-based violence.

Download the full curriculum and handouts here: LOVE Curriculum for Providers, LOVE Curriculum Handouts

Learn more about the LOVE project here.

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