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IMPACT is a national advocacy alliance
developed and led by young mamas from
across the country. Through the power of lived
experience and community voice, the alliance
is committed to identifying and eradicating the
biased policies and broken systems that were
designed to hinder parents’ ability to support
their children.


Young moms are powerful. In the face of
oppression, discrimination, and exclusion, they boldly and courageously protect and provide a happy and healthy life for their child(ren).
INVINCIBLE: A Mama’s Magic presents the empowering narratives of young mamas through their writing and photographs by Judith Rae. See their photos and read these empowering pieces at each page below.

Judith Rae’s passion for photography is rooted in her desire to tell global stories of hope, love, emotion, culture and the human experience.
Photographing INVINCIBLE is a dream come
true. Having been a young mom, this project is near and dear to her heart.
Named by Harper’s BAZAAR a Top Wedding
Photographer in the World, Judith’s photographs have been featured in Vogue, New York Times and Brides.

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