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Girls @ the Margin National Alliance (G@TM) is a connector of, and resource for, local, state, and national organizations and advocates working across sectors and systems to address root causes of the complex issues confronting marginalized girls, young women, and gender-expansive youth.


With over 11 years of national organizing since its inception in 2010, G@TM continues today to support relationship building and collective action among partners focused on eradicating the oppressions experienced by cis and trans girls, and gender-expansive young people. Founded by Justice + Joy National Collaborative and Rights4Girls, and co-steered by these organizations in partnership with the National Women’s Law Center, Georgetown Center on Poverty and Inequality, and Girls Inc., the alliance has entered a new phase of re-imagining an alliance that will be of the most benefit to girls and gender-expansive young people. This process has included discontinuing the steering committee to provide optimal flexibility during the collaborative revision process. 

G@TM continues to engage partners working in local, state, and national communities on monthly calls and through regular messaging and communication and readily adapts to meet the needs of community partners. Monthly calls offer an opportunity to:

• Learn about innovative and effective programs

• Partner in resource and information sharing

• Engage in local, state, and federal policy updates

G@TM also provides resources, support, and connection to advocates, service providers, and others working to center the wellbeing of girls and gender-expansive youth. 

In June 2020, G@TM released the Girls and Gender Expansive Youth and COVID-19 Issue Brief, which was quickly organized in response to G@TM partners’ requests for an advocacy tool that could assist in highlighting the experiences girls and gender-expansive young people experiencing exacerbated marginalization at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. While not a comprehensive analysis, it highlighted issues identified by girls, families, providers, and communities left out of local and national narratives about the impacts of COVID-19 at the time. 

In March 2022, G@TM released the National Policy Platform: Centering Girls, Young Women, and Gender-Expansive Young People. The platform focuses on highlighting the social and systemic marginalization experienced by cis and trans girls and gender-expansive youth, who experience unique forms of systemic oppression at the intersections of gender identity, race, sexuality, and additional identities. 

In 2022, Justice + Joy National Collaborative — as one of the co-founders of G@TM — will engage a collaborative design process to re-envision the Alliance as a youth-led, intersectional, cross-sector alliance of local, state, tribal and national advocates and stakeholders. In the meantime, during this process G@TM will continue to convene partners from across the U.S. on monthly calls to learn and share about partnership, advocacy, and direct service opportunities. 

Project Partners

Girls at the Margin partners with local, state, tribal and national advocates and stakeholders who work to eradicate the harms experienced by girls and gender-expansive youth.

Learn more about how we focus on policy and system change, national organizing, and collaborative research and innovative thought.