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Jeannette’s Response to Texas Judge Blocking the FDA’s Approval of Mifepristone

In July of 2022, I wrote a blog post “The 50 Year Fight Continues: Reflecting on Reproductive Freedom” reflecting on the pre-to-post Roe journey in my own life. Last week, nine months after writing that post – a Texas judge blocked the FDA”s approval of mifepristone – a medicine commonly used in medication abortion, while at the same time in the state of Washington a court reached a different decision. National Crittenton issued a statement about this outrageous Texas decision that is, and will, restrict abortion access for millions of people – girls, young women, gender expansive young people – across the country. But beyond the reproductive health care implications – this decision is another assault on science, on justice and is a political agenda that seeks to abolish our bodily autonomy and our right to choose. I ask you as I did last July… How will you channel your rage into action?

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