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The Windows of My Soul

The joy I feel when I look into your eyes is pure. I made those eyes; I think to myself.

I grew you inside of me. What a gift, that’s all you have ever been.

In your eyes, I see true love. An aching love that wants to envelop your sadness and exude your happiness.

In your eyes I see wonder and awe, you remind me to stop and smell the roses.

I see the past, present, and future in those eyes. Before you, I didn’t know I was incomplete, during you, I didn’t know time would speed up and slow down all at the same time. Thinking of your future, I only want you to know love and equality.

You have the eyes of my ancestors, just as I do. We hold their pain and pride in our eyes. Not only do we have their eyes; we have their resilience. It carries us through. You give me the strength, just as they do, to move mountains and chase away the monsters, even during times when I am just as scared.

You inspire me.

You are my teacher.

You dare me to make an impact.

The world will be a better place because of the fire you ignited in me.

Love, Mom