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Mommy Will You?

Mommy, will you always love me?
I will love you forever and on

Mommy, will you always hear me cry?
Baby I am always listening for you, even when you don’t need me

Mommy, I will always need you
One day when you’re all grown up I will be the one that needs you

Mommy, will you always trust me?
I trust you even when you can’t trust yourself

Mommy, why do you love me so much? Even when I’m naughty, why do you love me?
You are my why, there is no life before you. To live for you is the greatest gift of all

Mommy will you always be by my side?

Mommy has a question for you, my baby.
There will be a time when mommy can’t remember much, will you remember to be patient with me?

Will you always be kind even when I can no longer smile?

When the time comes when I’m no longer of this world, will you remember to hold me in your heart? Love the way I loved?

You don’t have to answer now, just know that you are my why