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I Am

I am a person who carries the world on my shoulders to protect and provide for my family.
I am a person who was forced to survive without being taught to be canny.
I am the innate force that others try to misinterpret or oppress.
I am a black woman that constantly battles societal distress.
I am an advocate who believes in collaboration and partnerships.
I am a visionary who knows progress can have some hardships.
I am the legacy of my ancestors who I do not know.
I am the blueprint for liberation to show.
I am a storyteller who uplifts the reality of my community.
I am an influencer who exemplifies unity.
I am an adviser who highlights many scopes.
I am an equity-driven believer with lived experience who promotes.
Above all else, I am born to be a black courageous mother to a daughter that will be a part of the next generation that the world will see.