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First Roe V. Wade…Then Affirmative Action…Now LGBTQ+ Rights

June 30, 2023

PORTLAND, OR — Today, the Supreme Court ruled that an artist whose business is open to the public can arbitrarily decide which customers to serve, or not. 

The 303 Creative v. Elenis ruling codifies bias, and we won’t stand for it!

The LGBTQ+ community has put their lives and bodies on the line demanding equal rights under the law, continuing to fight for gender-affirming healthcare, public safety, labor protections, LGBTQ+ representation in curriculum, and safety and affirmation at school and beyond. Now, SCOTUS has decreed that public accommodation law may not apply to the LGBTQ+ community –absurd and outrageous.

Reproductive Justice. Affirmative Action. LGBTQ+ Freedom.

Decades of progress set back by far right ideology dominating the Supreme Court with lifetime appointments. The decimation of our collective human rights by a privileged few desperately trying to apply their dogma to maintain their social, economic and political domination over everyone else. 

WE SAY NO! Our full humanity must be recognized by the law. They will keep trying to take our rights and dignity away from us. To dehumanize us. Girls, young women, and gender-expansive youth of color are paying attention, and showing up for our liberation. Join us.

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